• photo: Max Vos de Wael
  • photo: Ineke van Bronswijk
  • photo: Max Vos de Wael
  • photo: Ineke van Bronswijk
Booking Info:

Agent: Alain Van Goethem
Lucky Star International Talent Agency

32(0)4 - 68 233 031
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Contact Jeremiah:

31(0)6 - 155 70 129
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Hybridize Therapeutics (voice acting)
Voice over for Hybridize Therapeutics - RNA-based therapies for kidney patients  |  watch video »

Jeremiah Fleming Voice Over Showreel (voice acting)
Listen to Jeremiah's Voice Over Showreel / Demo with a representive selection of voice overs  |  watch video »

Interxion Pitch (voice acting)
Pitch/introduction to Interxion - a Digital Realty Company. Interxion is the interconnection hub for the world’s leading businesses.  |  watch video »

Jeremiah presents Tjalp (film & television)
Jeremiah as presenter of professional videos for Tjalp.  |  watch video »

Jeremiah's 'New and Improved' Showreel! (film & television)
Watch Jeremiah's latest showreel for an impression of what he's capable of and where you may have seen him before!  |  watch video »

De toekomst is fantastisch - VPRO TV (voice acting)
Jeremiah Fleming Voice Over - trailer for VPRO TV program "de toekomst is fantastisch"  |  watch video »

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