Jeremiah Fleming - Voice Acting.

As a voice over artist Jeremiah has done TV commercials, radio commercials, in-house films, he dubbed voice overs for feature films, cartoon series, documentaries, instructional CD-ROMs & product presentations. Please indulge yourself and listen to a sample of the work he has done.

Companies among others include: Coca Cola, Sara Lee, Philips, Tom Tom, Amsterdam Medical Center, TU university Delft

watch video   Commercial Together International Telecom
watch video   Code Fix
watch video   Studio Snugger Trailer
watch video   Jeugd Trailer
watch video   Dr. Cory Trailer
watch video   MS Schippers Corporate Movie
watch video   Smart Water for Europe
watch video   Best Friends Quiz
watch video   MiniBrew: The Easiest & Smartest Beer Brewing Machine
watch video   SAP Travel on Demand Bobby
watch video   ccGenie
watch video   Expeditie Robinson and Chio
watch video   Picard Innovations: YUZU
watch video   Imtech Smart Healthcare
watch video   GreenAdsBlue in one minute
watch video   Comedy Central - Vitamine CC
watch video   MEXX Commercial
watch video   HTC Commercial I
watch video   HTC Commercial II
watch video   The Art of Connecting (SharePeople Report 09)
watch video   Commercial - Who Is She?
watch video   Lava People
watch video   Trailer - Who Is 4 Real?
watch video   VVV Maastricht
watch video   TO INCREASE - Oil, Gas and Mining Conglomerates
watch video   "Ultieme Woondroom" - International Promo SBS
watch video   DSM - Promotional Film
watch video   Deltares - The GeoCentrifuge
watch video   Deltares - World Wide View on Living in Deltas
watch video   TomTom Challenge - Trailer
listen to audio   Short Voice Demo   download 
listen to audio   Barbapapa   download 
listen to audio   Philips Research   download 
listen to audio   Solvay USA   download 
listen to audio   Philips AA Headphones   download 
listen to audio   Nutrica Opole   download 
listen to audio   6Pack - Save the Universe   download 
listen to audio   Boundless   download 
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