• photo: Max Vos de Wael
  • photo: Ineke van Bronswijk
  • photo: Max Vos de Wael
  • photo: Ineke van Bronswijk
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Agent: Jack & Jill
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Jermiah plays in a music video
Hello everybody, I am quite happy and pleased to share the brand new music video of Lost Frequencies & Flynn. I hope it not only gets you dancing (like it did me) but also makes you smile.  |  watch video »

Jeremiah is now a Heron
I am pleased to inform everybody that I am now one of the "Herons" of Buro Heron. A training company that I have started working for with great pleasure and hope to continue for many a long year into the foreseeable future.  |  read more »

STET plays Borders
Henry Naylor's play about the living nightmare the Syrians are going through and the decadence of West's endless pursuit of wealth & fame: well worth your time!  |  read more »

Drama Workshop
Jeremiah Just finished giving a drama workshop three days in a row to Havo students at the Haarlemmermeer Lyceum in Hoofddorp.  |  read more »

Deliver Us the Moon
In october 2018 a new game has been launched: Deliver Us the Moon. Jeremiah has done the voice over for the character of Rolf in this game.  |  read more »